Twin Mac’s Story

For a greener healthier lawn… Call now! (502) 241-2005

For a greener healthier lawn… Call now! (502) 241-2005

As two young boys growing up in the early 60’s and in need of spending money, Jerry and James McClellan (twins) decided to start mowing lawns in and around their Dixie Highway neighborhood. Equipped with a single push mower and a set of clippers the McClellan twins set off to make their summer spending money. Having a reputation of a strong work ethic and a dedication to customer service, their list of clients quickly grew. However, after years of living and serving in the Dixie Highway area, Jerry and James (now young men) moved with their family to then rural, Oldham County.

While working in tobacco farms and hay fields did not offer much entertainment, it did help to reinforce the strong work ethic which would serve them well in years to come.

Over time, the population in Oldham County grew and so did the need for a quality lawn service provider. So in 1984, after many years of working in the manufacturing and service industries, the McClellan twins decided to take their strong work ethic back to the green industry and they started Twin Mac Services Inc.

While providing Oldham County with a quality lawn service was the initial goal, Twin Mac Services Inc. has grown to become a full service lawn and landscape provider for all of the Greater Louisville Area.

Twin Mac Services Inc. is still family owned and operated and after 30+ years of professionalism in the green industry, Twin Mac Services Inc. continues to build long lasting relationships with its customers, employees and vendors.